Sober and Sobriety are not Abstinence

Abstinence!?!?; these fluids have never had enough to want abstinence; you gotta, gotta get more sum; sum more before otherwise cause you always want sum more 

until it’s been too much then you’re begging for it to stop. 

It’s that thin needle gone wide gone dry.

Who lied to you in the first place. 

What kind of dolphin do you think really gets clean not one like you

Dolloping the colitis; how we found our way into the medicine that brings this life in Well’ness get deep in the middle.

The Disease is dead and it’s in the genetics 🧬 of the educators to advance education and I am happy to be part of getting people Hi (Health Improvement) with the help of my friends at Mend Mind Care

Sober defined:temperance and the balance WE Key. 

Go Ahead consult you local dictionary and define (Y)Our Self you ol 

HoMŒ Sapien You 

What lock are you turning?

Trust me real dope fiends; nobody else had to convince them. 

They only made it because you could never hold them back. 

Tell them: w.A.A.r. (We Are All Related)


Who do you think put the Wood In what you know of your door block me you don’t have enough people Holly in the first place Chad looks like your Finfinity done went Ťõø far’Ť and STANK”IE TOO.

We’re over there, WHooten WHooters, and you’re over there abstinent of hiding who are you? 

Praying to what kind of garage are you phantoming?

It would be real simple if everybody just got educated and quit blaming the black sheep for you standing there, not being honest with your truth as if you were, it would be a representation of where you’re at with your own belief system.  Anthropologic Systems of Homo-sapiens who’ve been around for quite some time and systemically considered were in question as to who are you and what do you have in your Whatcha call it? 

They always want the deep middle and then they’re wondering if they’re too far out and then all of a sudden they don’t know where they are and they’re asking how do they get to the next place and it’s always the same thing, it’s always the same thing,?where are you from in the first place has this yet become Mars? I don’t know if you ever heard about the northside or the east side or the south side or the west side but it’s always the heart that matters and everybody wants the middle.

In 90744 they call me artichoke the onions are always crying “it hurts” we told em don’t let us put you in the squatty coffee so you can think about your little misgivings there Whootie Whoot remembrance where you came from. RE: Mind RE:Member Rickard Elmore Rick Elmore although Whootats is name that is used to be until he cut off cleanER ; You know no body that bodies a get down like this; this Recovery is anthropologic wean accepting disease for life as the answer. 

Of course, when they heard me, they’re thinking of the words like they had a song ringing in their mind as we know it’s a RE:Minder that you too NOw kÑOw (YescaYes) my Name

Was that dude from Oakland say “I won’t deny it I’m a straight rider” and you know Whoo ( your mirror) I’m sLideways all the way through.

You know, my brother TONY right? yeah my brother Tony, I haven’t forgot about my brother Tony and his family and the kindness that we know you’ve provided so it’s always been from the heart go ahead. 

Wake up the love and find out. 

He came to me and told me how much he was bringing his love over there specifically for one human being and he was right and so there you are find out how much it is how much is it the heart?

You never met a banger like this 🥁 don’t ask me to go deep. 

You’re the deepest on your own. 

I’m in a different zone. 

I can’t catch up to your direction. 

You’re like a ship one thread off the other direction that’s why we’re giving it all for free. 

Go ahead and catch up.

I’m not mad at anybody. 

It’s on you that you are way out there on your own.

Do you ever play science says for seven generations plan ahead always letting go of what’s behind.

And I can’t deny it Ima straY…🎶 The POOR LICE trying to do their crutch in with me. 

Ninja please you gotta do your own work. 

You can’t pay for this work. 

You’ve gotta have your own work. 

You’re the one that did all those secrets. 

We have veterans that have children that are having children and the people that are not Veterans (Veteranos) have so much more support  and not any in their language for family systems treatment as they’re speaking to themselves on their own. 

If you’re not teaching your children to learn a second language, you have fallen asleep and you shall be a moot point quite soon. Could you imagine each county deciding what counties around them should take over their people if we just had to get down with who we are as the people. We told everybody we acknowledge Recovery in the Port of Los Angeles and that port is San Diego to Monterey Pacific Coast Counties and all of the people within it are on one team in recovery and we got this; who wants some; they want us to cut them off; no problem they can grow their own stuff and process their own things and talk about their own stories of Recovery. 

Right now we’re in recovery of a Psychedelian and we’re just talking about helping the people in recovery, like Bill Wilson, who are struggling because we know how to help them. There’s no secrets over here. You gotta follow some simple rules. Try this medicine it may or may not work and if it doesn’t work, you can look at it from a different perspective and try another way. It’s not that science and it does rocket you to another dimension just like Bill said like we have been saying like he was ahead has he always been.

Now Chadley don’t get all Crumpley on me over there because when you talk shift, you talk shift; you can’t be a leader of the world if you can’t handle the shift and don’t get frumped when all of the back politics caught up; systemically speaking we’re gonna have to bring it to them because they’re the ones that let it that way in the first place and you gotta get ahead of it before it comes right through.

All these other people are playing politics and we’re over here helping the people on the street the best way they can.

w.A.A.r (We Are All Related)